Minsk Returned.

In November I returned to Minsk to teach Brewing Profesional and Sensory Intermediate at the JS Academy with coffee from Sorso. 

This visit was a very different experience and again very rewarding. 

Having the chance to finish the education with my previous group of Brewers was great fun and I was so happy with their progression over the months between the courses. They had compiled very detailed research into water, extraction and a lot lot more. Minsk really is a coffee community trying to take on the big dogs. Watch out for these guys at Brewers Cup they will be bringing a strong game. 

On to Sensory Intermediate. This course was full of great roasters who have shaped Minsk's coffee scene and pump out some serious volumes. During this course thanks to my translator and also Brewing student Dasha we had an engaging course that helped with setting up QC protocols for roasters and learning more about how sensory works and can be used in business. Although the group was large and my Russian very poor (I do not speak it) we had a fun two days cupping lots of local coffees and samples I had brought. 

I am again so happy to have been able to visit and spend time in this beautiful city with friendly and open people. I cannot stress how this small country really is one to keep an eye on. They will soon be hitting world championships and I strongly recommend not underestimating them. 


Thanks to my host Jury Stalmahou from Sorso and JS Academy and Anastasia Gorohovik from Sorso for hosting and translating for me.