SCAE certified courses

Raf Makes offers SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) courses at Foundation (1 day), Intermediate (2 days) and Professional levels (3 days) in the following modules:

  • Barista skills.
  • Brewing skills.
  • Sensory skills.
  • Green coffee skills.
  • Roasting skills.
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Advanced barista training

This course is a custom course that is tailored to the needs of the client (2-5 days) can be done for individuals or businesses.

The aim is that by the end of the course the client will have all the core knowledge to lead a team of baristas, improve quality and understand the advanced theories that will make your coffee making skills more efficient, tastier and more cost effective. 

This course can have SCA certifications combined into it if requested but normally covers:

  • Sensory evaluation of the brew, how to understand it and fix it with less waste.
  • Advance extraction theory, what factors affect the taste of the brew and how altering the extraction can improve it. 
  • Machine maintenance, general upkeep and cost effective ways to extend machine life.
  • Latte art, understanding the foundations of steaming milk and pouring. This is not going to make you Latter Art champion but gives a structure to learning and understanding the milk so you will be able to teach it clearly to others. 

business development program.

This is once again a course tailored to the needs of the client. 

For existing businesses the main aim of this program is to find weakspots in the business and help you overcome them so that your business becomes more efficient.

For a new business this program can offer knowledge and insight that you may not have. This program could be used for attaining skills that are needed to open your business or just as a support/guide to you opening you new business. 


Topics that can be covered:

  • Advanced Barista Training (to increase knowledge and confidence).
  • Work-flow management.
  • Coffee bar design/planning. 
  • Consulting (assistance with sourcing equipment and products).
  • Employee retention tactics. 
  • Employee development strategies.